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Finds at National Food Fair 2019

     The National Food Fair 2019 is awesome! I finally got to visit the fair, and I can definitely say that I became PART of the fun: learning about the country’s native products and tasting them all in one venue!

       I promised some very enthusiastic participants in the fair that I will include them in the blog I will be writing about the fair tonight (in the hopes that I can promote them for the last day of the National Food Fair 2019). So I am now bringing you this short and sweet pictures post that I hope will make you decide to include visiting the fair for your Sunday.

     Here goes!

     I bought empanadas from Gem's Empanada, Ilocandia. It is the first empanada stall that you will see once you enter the Luzon area. The owner, Miss Gem, said her daughter has a stall offering the same goodies at Robinson's Galleria. Unfortunately, I missed the name, so perhaps you can ask her and then, please let me know! Haha! Special empanada is P60 each.

          Here's where I bought pili nut tarts for P50 which contains 19 pieces of tarts. They also have butterscotch, malunggay chips, and other pili nuts in jars. This is Luchie's from Daet, Camarines Norte.

     Jedidiah Food Industry is from Bulacan and I bought from them turmeric pandesal at P15 per pack and turmeric (luyang dilaw) at a very cheap price of P25.

     I also bought Sunrise Corn Coffee from Agusan del Sur, a mango from Guimaras, and latik suman also from Camarines.

     Other goodies I saw include laing, vigan longganisa on a stick (which i got to sample and ate while walking around the venue), lots of coffee varities, wines, seasonings, plants, and and one bayong stall near the entrance. 

      DTI is also promoting their pinyapel in which they source pinya (pineapple) leaves from Bukidnon to create different types of packaging like coffee sleeves.

     I got to meet the very friendly and smart DTI Junior Researcher Cindy Maldecir who explained to me about the concept and happily obliged for a twofie with me.

Coffee sleeves made of pineapple leaves

     Famous chefs also grace the event to show twists in various recipes. For today, Chef Boy Logro and Chef Sheilla gave a really fun cooking demo.

     Tomorrow is the last day of the fair so do drop-by and get to watch these live cooking demos, enjoy free samples, and take home delicious Filipino products at very affordable prices.


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