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Unexpected Opportunities Are Welcome

Let me tell you about January 8. I like it. It is so symbolic. And many people pretty much think that way too I suppose! People choose it as wedding date, business launch date, or a date to file important documents and make big decisions. January is the first month of the year, while the number eight is circular and thus "it never ends" as it is written like the infinity symbol, only upright. What day could appear luckier than that?

I myself have reserved that date for the launching of my education project, but the year is an open date. Nonetheless, January 8 of this year has become remarkable for me too (SG) has been launched! But if I had been rigid, I wouldn’t have seen it launched and skyrocketing now, albeit with some bumps as it is only in its beta stage, but nevertheless! Does the success have to do with being launched on a lucky day? Perhaps, but I think it has to do with preparedness and taking a leap of faith. That’s what happened to me …