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Social Enterprise: Negosyong Makalipunan (English Translation)

(Note: This is an English Translation of my article on Social Entrepreneurship which I posted here last January 29, 2014. I have done this for the benefit of you non-Filipino speakers around the globe who might chance upon this blog!)
Here is my first article about social entrepreneurship. Although we often  hear the term "social entrepreneurship," many of us still find its meaning quite vague or confusing. Even I myself who wants to be a social entrepreneur am still confused over its meaning as well. Sometimes I ask myself if I could already consider myselfas a social entrepreneur since I purposefully make my products in my online business to be inspirational for young people. So I thought it best to study first the concept of social entrepreneurship and here I am sharing to you what I have learned so far.

Social Entrepreneurship: Definition Social entrepreneurship is a way of establishing and operating an organization by using business approaches and principles but with the …