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DJS: Two Years Online and The Knowledge Hero T-shirt Series

Five days from now, Dream Job Superhero (DJS), which began as Super Occupation Superhero (SOS), will celebrate its two years of online presence (although it started promoting on November 15, 2012). 

DJS started as a manufacturer of quality educational, motivational, and inspirational materials, school supplies, novelty items, accessories, and services for kids and adults. For its initial offering, DJS/SOS created the Dream Job Charts

 We also created career-themed accessories. 

Then, we joined a pre-Christmas bazaar where we had a great time validating our products and promoting our cause! :-)

The following year, more products have been produced and sold. A contest was launched to say thank you to its 100 followers!

But creating an educational, motivational, and inspirational website for the Filipino youth has always been in the pipeline. We wanted to reach out to more Filipino youth and help them find a place in this world and live meaningful lives. And so, this year, Dream Job Superher…