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Six Awesome Business Resources via Facebook

Great businesses come from a combination of great ideas, experiences, and inspirations. Take time to like these awesome business fanpages in Facebook and then visit them every now and then. Who knows the next random tip they share might just be the key that will bring your business to more success?

1. Entrepreneur PhilippinesEntrepreneur Philippines is the extensive resource for both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses. It contains expert business advice and know-how to help each entrepreneur succeed in business.”
It has a Franchise Directory, Supplier Directory and Business Opportunities Directory. Entrepreneur Philippines is available both as a print and online magazine. It also features articles about local successful entrepreneurs and start-ups that hope to inspire other beginning entrepreneurs.

2. Go Negosyo
Go Negosyo is the advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE). Its fanpage will update you on PCE’s forums/expos, s…