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Day 3 in The Dream Expo Manila 2014

I can summarize Day 3 using Scud Dy's statement for Gugu, "relevant awesomeness." I can say Day 3 was indeed relevantly awesome!

After some more speeches from young social entrepreneurs and innovators, the participants were grouped into clusters and were subjected to mini-seminars/workshops where the speakers of the previous days discussed more about the business aspects of putting up a social enterprise. The mini-seminars included business modeling courtesy of Kawil Tours, prototyping presented by people from Bahay-Kubo Organics, branding visibility by Works of Heart, Partnerships by Muni PH, and Making the Pitch by IdeaSpace Foundation.

The awesome part was that the participants were given the chance to ask questions and even seek advice regarding their own ideas and social business ventures. On my part, I was able to ask Kawil Tours if they created an exit plan and if so, what is it. Guido said that the best exit plan is to ensure that the social innovators enable the community to be able to stand up on their own. In fact, that has been the case for Kawil Tours because Guido and his team can't be in Culion-Coron all the time. Also enabling the community and empowering them give the people a sense of pride, leadership, and ownership, all of which will only redound to the benefit of the community and the social enterprise and even of the generations to come.

Even more awesome was, like other dreamers, I was able to create a  pitch for Dream Job Superhero and present it to fellow dreamers and to Ian Corpuz of The Spark Project. Then, I was even able to talk to Ian and ask about how he got involved with The Spark Project, a remarkable social innovation that awards funds to people with great business ideas.

But definitely, the most awesome and brilliant part of Day 3 was when the participants were given the chance to approach each other and ask about each other's dreams and ideas. Now, I know that it is not only business cards alone that I was able to gather in the event, but rather, I have gained quite a number of new friends/acquaintances/contacts who I know I share with the same interest in aspiring good for the country.

We did not expect to be given certificates of participation, but here we were very happy to receive them.

Photo courtesy of Portal for Youth (P4Y)
Realizations at The Dream Expo MNL

Now that it has been two weeks since the Dream Expo Manila 2014, the inspiration that I have gained is still very much alive in my heart and I am sure that my fellow participants share the same sentiment too. I imagined it would be great if I could exchange some thoughts with my Expo batch mates regarding the event. So thru Facebook, I asked some of them about what are the most important things they have learned/realized in The Dream Expo Manila 2014. And now, with great honor, I present to you their answers:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Dream Expo made me realize that our youth has so much potential and I am very positive about the future of this country. I think that the expo was successful in making all participants aware that the Filipino dream is always possible. – Charles Ladia

For me, dapat tayong mangarap ng hindi makasarili dapat tayong mangarap na sakop ang buong lipunan. Napagmunihan ko na hindi sa atin umiikot ang lipunan kundi tayo ang bumubuo sa lipunan, kaya't isa man sa atin ang makapagdulot ng maganda sa lipunan madadamay at makakasama ang iba na bumubuo sa lipunan sa isang magandang pag-iral. Hindi sa atin umiikot ang milkyway galaxy kundi tayo ang bumubuo sa ganitong konsepto. Kung ang kanser ay dulot ng hindi magandang pagiral ng cell, cell din (stem cell) ang makakapagdulot ng kagalingan dito sa konsepto ng medisina. Sa ating lipunan kung ang kanser ay nagmumula sa hindi maayos at produktibong pag-iral ng mamamayan, magagamot ang kanser sa pamamagitan ng mga taong magiging produktibo, at nangangarap ng mga imposibleng bagay. – Xander Villaluz

#TheDreamExpoMNL has taught me the importance of dreaming; that every dream counts and that we should not be afraid to dream big not only for ourselves but most importantly for our country, for the Philippines. I've realized that dreams can change the world; dreams with execution. In order to contribute to today’s society, to its progress and development, we must put our dreams into reality. We should always have the courage to try and strive for what we want to achieve. And as we move forward in our journey, we will be surely encountering challenges and failures along the way but as Mr. Steve Benitez said “Don’t let success get into your head, but don’t let failure get into your heart.” Our speakers/ mentors and all the participants of the #TheDreamExpoMNL are the best examples of dreaming with execution, individuals who exemplified courage and bravery. We may have different advocacies and beliefs but we are continuously fighting for a single dream, a better Philippines. – Kristel Capio

The best takeaway from the #DreamExpoMNL is to learn how to be a professional beggar! Haha! And that be always proud of whatever your advocacy is so that you can find people who share the same passion and goals! – KB Meniado

It's a great privilege to have joined the Dream expo MLA and be in a room filled with dreamers, and passionate people who want to do something to give back to or country and especially them who have done it and continue to inspire us. This realization from the 3 day expo continues to linger up to this day in my mind, and I most eagerly share with friends. That we are never too old or too busy to dream. No matter how crazy or simple, many or one, as long as we do and we do something to make it happen. Let's fuel our passion and make it burn the brightest. And even if the wave crashes on us or the wind blows the light out, we should rise above our failures and flow to the beat of our heart. – Zel Enriquez

One of the things that made an impression upon me was how crucial it was to ground your plans with the WHY. You have to start with the purpose or cause that propels you in wanting to do something for your community. Having that will keep you anchored when trials arise from pursuing your passion. Knowing exactly what you want in life, your specific goals, what matters most to you and why, keeps you moving forward. I loved that part where Roxy Navarro reminded us that the area where our deepest passions intersect with the world's hunger is where one should serve (Venn diagram). Another lesson I got was on the importance of networking and surrounding yourself with the best people. I really enjoyed being a part of Dream Expo Manila! – Ros Raymundo
What struck me the most during The Dream Expo MNL is the Hope and Love for the Philippines that filled each and everyone in the room, and is what united all of us there. Amidst all the problems in our country, these innovators were able to see the diamond in the rough, the opportunities amidst the crisis, and they dreamed to make things better for our country and they did, and they still continue to do so. And I realize how important it is to be in the know of what's happening in our society, and I mean not just the problems, but people out there who are doing what they can for the Philippines—they are to be admired, and emulated. It's great to be in the company of all these people because it made me see how I'm not alone in this fight, that there is indeed hope for the country and it's a dream we can make a reality. : ) – Jenny Ngo Gui, Muni
1.) Changemakers are troublemakers. I'm so happy and inspired to know that the crazy people are the best people. Go lang nang go. Fight authority, fight the system, fight everything just for what you believe in. 2.) Hashtag Tiwala. Pushing for an advocacy is a big leap of faith. You'll never know if it will pay off. Learn to love, learn to learn. At least you tried (but I'll never know how to move on haha). 3.) Always live for the other, BUT, make sure you leave something for yourself. Kenosis? I think that's what they call it? Haha. One thing that I would always remember is to acknowledge sacrifice with sustainability. Haha. – Marc Wendolf Duque

Dream Expo pushes me to innovate. This experience gives me learning and understanding on how to create good business opportunities. I will never get tired of joining this kind of events because the experiences and ideas of the speakers keep me motivated to move forward on what I want to do and where i need to go. - Alastair Narcisa

"I learned that there's always hope. You can help in any way you can." - Nap Garcia, ProTees Project


Gathering all these answers is a different experience altogether but a similarly exhilarating one too. There is so much hope for this country and the world. If one person could inspire another to become a better person for the country and that person inspires another one to become a compassionate citizen too, then soon our country will be filled with every day heroes doing their roles in whatever capacity to uplift our nation.

So let me end this article with our group picture. :)

Photo courtesy of Portal for Youth (P4Y)
Here are your Filipino dreamers, happy to serve. I am sure that there are many others out there doing what they can in their best, unique, and awesome ways no matter how humble, monotonous, or even strange but full of heart for the nation. I hope to see you guys again with more inspiring ideas and stories of hope and success at the next Expo!


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