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Day 3 in The Dream Expo Manila 2014

I can summarize Day 3 using Scud Dy's statement for Gugu, "relevant awesomeness." I can say Day 3 was indeed relevantly awesome!

After some more speeches from young social entrepreneurs and innovators, the participants were grouped into clusters and were subjected to mini-seminars/workshops where the speakers of the previous days discussed more about the business aspects of putting up a social enterprise. The mini-seminars included business modeling courtesy of Kawil Tours, prototyping presented by people from Bahay-Kubo Organics, branding visibility by Works of Heart, Partnerships by Muni PH, and Making the Pitch by IdeaSpace Foundation.

The awesome part was that the participants were given the chance to ask questions and even seek advice regarding their own ideas and social business ventures. On my part, I was able to ask Kawil Tours if they created an exit plan and if so, what is it. Guido said that the best exit plan is to ensure that the social innovators enable the c…

Day well spent in The Dream Expo Manila 2014

This write-up is not meant to be a blow-by-blow account of #TheDreamExpoMNL, but a point of view of a dreamer (me) who went to the event to get a glimpse of what other dreamers look like and what they are doing with their dreams.
The name of my social innovation is Dream Job Superhero (DJS). One day, while conducting some research for DJS, I decided to type in the word “dream” in the Facebook search tab to see and study other fanpages that start with the word “dream.”

Soon, flashing before my eyes were these amazing keywords: Filipino innovators, social innovation, youth initative, Asian Development Bank, Bam Aquino.

And a few minutes later, I found myself typing what Dream Job Superhero is all about and pitching why I should be included among the lucky social innovators to be invited to the event.

Dream Job Superhero and the Dream Project PHA week later came the announcement. Two hundred innovators were chosen and, by the conspiracy of all the wonderful angels and saints walking on eart…