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Human Nature: A Social Enterprise

If I need to explain what social enterprise is to anybody, well, maybe specifically to a fellow Filipino, I would just cite Human Nature and he/she will surely understand what a social enterprise is. I am still currently writing a feature on social entrepreneurship which I hope to serve as an introduction on the field for readers. So for now, let me just share with you this interview I conducted in 2010 for my Master of Development Communication class in UPOU. I am certain you will have a good grasp of what a social enterprise is after seeing the video or reading the transcript below.

1. Interviewer: What is a social enterprise?
Ang social enterprise ay isang venture na hindi lang profit ang tinitignan. It is a business venture but at the same time may tinatawag tayo na social advocacy or social dimension.
2. Interviewer: What is Human Nature?
It started November 28, 2008. Ang nagtayo ng Gandang Kalikasan which is the manufacturer/supplier of Human Nature Products is yung dalawang ana…

Essentials of Homeschooling for Christians

Since we are talking about freelance work and home businesses in this blog, I think homeschooling is not a far off topic to be featured here as well. In fact, I believe one of the reasons why most mothers want to try freelance work or come up with homebased businesses is so that they could give more time attending to their children, and maybe homeschool them as well.

Below is an invitation to a seminar on homeschooling given to me by a friend. Read on and find out if it is for you.


"Hey moms and dads!
Ever wanted to homeschool your kids, but feel a bit overwhelmed about the whole thing? Are you searching for effective ways on how to teach your kids at home? Want to figure out how to homeschool without losing your cool?
Then worry no more. Victory Christian International School has just the right seminar for all our homeschooling parents out there. “Essentials of Homeschooling for Christians” will be happening on Monday, November 18, 2013 at the Tanghalang PasigueƱo, Pasig Ci…