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What is a businessperson?

Hi, Everyone!

It has been almost a year since I last posted anything here because, yes, I have been busy with my actual business and other freelancing gigs! Yey!

But I have not forgotten my promise. I will still share with you my travails in this very exciting journey. In fact, as one big revelation, I could say that being a businessperson is but a concept in one's mind. One can be employed and still be a businessperson. By this, I mean, when you are rendering services or producing something for a company as its employee, and you know your worth or the worth of your services and can successfully reach your financial goals, then, by all means, you already are a businessperson. And this is what I hope to imbibe in my consciousness. I could get back to working in an office and be wiser with my money and investments outside the office and still say that I am working for myself and not wasting my time. Good positive thinking, huh? :)

Now, to thank you for sticking around with me and this …