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Business Opening Tomorrow!

Who is this girl? We will know TOMORROW! Stay tuned for the announcement of a new fan page where you will meet her and where you can check out cool products that will inspire you and help you with your career!!! :-)

A Habit for Young Entrepreneurs

Sooner or later, young entrepreneurs especially those who create their own products, whether these are food or non-food, will find themselves joining fairs and bazaars. It is thus very advisable to visit and get a feel of  events like these before actually joining as a seller in one. You can check out the busy hours, how sellers react to multiple buyers buying at the same time, the packaging of products similar to yours, the sales and marketing pitch of fellow sellers, the buying behaviors of customers, etc. Honestly, no matter how many online materials about fairs and selling you have read, nothing beats going to a trade fair and seeing how bazaar works personally. So whether you are ready to join or not, make it a habit to visit these trade fairs. And Christmas season is the best time to do just that.

One upcoming event is the 10a Alabama Handmade Arts and Crafts Fair.

This will happen on 12 noon of November 10 to 7PM of November 11, 2012. 

Here is the map for your guidance and you ca…