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8 Ways to Take Your Green Bazaar Shopping Up a Notch!

Hello, fellow eco-warriors! Like most of you, when I decided to shift to using eco-friendly products to help save the environment (which isn’t always an easy task), I soon realized that eco-bazaars is the best place to go. There we can find merchants that are kind to Earth offering loads of environment-friendly products and services, so we can do green shopping for our food, fashion, and home needs all in one place.
Surely, like I do, you have plans in your calendar to visit and buy at the latest eco-friendly bazaar happening in your town. So I am sharing these tips so you can enjoy your green shopping more and even take your green bazaar experience to the next level!
List down the things that you actually need to buy. Just like in any shopping activity, planning is the key to being able to shop for all you need and stay within your budget. What with tons of organic soaps and shampoo, native bags, local fresh fruits, cause-driven products, ethical fashion, refillables, and eco-friendly …
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My Product Finds at The Good Trade PH Summer Fair

I was lucky to have time to visit the first kick of The Good Trade Summer Fair at UP Town Center last April 13, 2019. It was also my first time to visit the mall dubbed as the place “where great minds come together to shop and dine” which I had been planning to visit since last year, so it was two points for me that day, hooray!
So armed with my list I went there like an eco-warrior aiming for the kill! But no violence here! It’s just me trying to end my habit of using single-use plastic and disposable items that are harmful to the environment.
And now without any further ado, here are my fantastic finds! Take a look and see which ones you'd like to buy too, and, just maybe, you’d find the inspiration to put up an eco-friendly business in the future to sell zero-waste items as well.

1. Castor oil from Artem – So my first purchase is castor oil from Artem Skincare and Apothecary. I did plan to buy castor oil that day but I was planning to do so at Landmark, Trinoma just before I go h…

A Good Lifestyle for You from The Good Trade

Are you looking forward to adopting a low or zero-waste, sustainable lifestyle? After you have reviewed your day-to-day habits and vowed to reduce the amount of stuff you waste or throw away each day, the time for you to shop has come! Of course, you know by now that you must start to shop responsibly and only choose products that will help you reduce waste and live a sustainable and eco-friendly life. Then, get to know The Good Trade PH, and consider it as your ally as you shop your way to sustainable living.

The Good Trade organizes zero-waste and sustainability fairs and gatherings where environmentally and ethically conscious men and women can come together to converse, sell their goods, and/or shop. It is the brainchild of Jana Bunagan, who is into stock trading as her career and social entrepreneurship as her vocation, focusing on her advocacy to give back and help people achieve and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. 
Jana began her passion projects in 2016 with Clover Hartly, now co…

Finds at National Food Fair 2019

The National Food Fair 2019 is awesome! I finally got to visit the fair, and I can definitely say that I became PART of the fun: learning about the country’s native products and tasting them all in one venue!
       I promised some very enthusiastic participants in the fair that I will include them in the blog I will be writing about the fair tonight (in the hopes that I can promote them for the last day of the National Food Fair 2019). So I am now bringing you this short and sweet pictures post that I hope will make you decide to include visiting the fair for your Sunday.
     Here goes!

     I bought empanadas from Gem's Empanada, Ilocandia. It is the first empanada stall that you will see once you enter the Luzon area. The owner, Miss Gem, said her daughter has a stall offering the same goodies at Robinson's Galleria. Unfortunately, I missed the name, so perhaps you can ask her and then, please let me know! Haha! Special empanada is P60 each.

          Here's where I b…


Do you miss certain delicacies from your hometown or that sumptuous meal you had from your last out of town trip? Or maybe you are a dynamic player in the food industry and want to get the feel of what’s up in the Philippine food industry in 2019?
Then go ahead and visit the 2019 NATIONAL FOOD FAIR at the SM Megamall, Mandaluyong!

The National Food Fair Philippine Cuisine and Ingredients Show is a yearly event held by the Department of Trade and Industry every March of the year since 2012. The fair is a special event that showcases varieties of local food products from different regions in the Philippines.
The event starts March 14, 2019 (Thursday) and wraps up on March 17, 2019 (Sunday). Daily hours of the fair are from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
        If hearing speeches is your thing, here is the programme: 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Registration
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Opening Ceremony National Anthem Prayer Welcome Remarks and Introduction
of Keynote Speaker
Keynote Address
Ceremonial Opening

Usec. Abdulgani M.…

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It is no secret that coloring your locks will take maintenance. You have to go to the salon every single 6-8 weeks designed for touch-ups, use a particular shampoo and conditioner to keep the color looking best, and always end up being conscious of the sun’s rays changing the color a bit.

Increase to all of these types of stuff the hair damage that is included with bleaching your hair, and